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Matt Seely - Founder and CEO

Matt crafted a recording studio from the want to easily at any time be able to record his musical ideas. As he became proficient, acquired the gear and earned a degree in sound engineering – he started offering recording & mixing services to help other musicians capture their art as well. Matt became obsessed with how great things could sound – hence “Tone Vault” was born, after working with many large format studios in the Twin Cities as well as having some partnerships long the way.

Tone Vault's focus is on tone and the overall tonal quality of the music/endeavor, beyond anything else.

Matt got married as he entered his 30’s and he and his wife had a wonderful baby boy, and since having less and less time Matt found myself doing less with the business. He wanted however to continue making some sort of income from the business since he'd put so much effort into crafting the name, following and LLC. Matt had always been interested in crafting his own premium but competitively priced audio cables – as nowadays more than ever it has been difficult for musicians and studio owners to have enough budget for the everyday items that affect their “tone” so much – audio cables. Being he didn’t have the time to make them himself, he found a manufacturer to make them to his specs, and utilizing Amazon’s reach and FBA assistance – he's been able to craft and sell these cables at a fair price to those that normally might choose a lesser quality to keep within their budgets. And now, Tone Vault has been able to expand to offer their cables outside amazon as well, allowing for a more personable experience with our customer. 

If you're not already a member, we hope you choose to join the Tone Vault family. 

Will Maravalas
1459 Studios

A Musician with a passion, and a lot of gear making killer recordings!

Common Choir

Exploding Metal Core band from the Twin Cities, MN

Will Maravelas & Casey Harris
Coffin Rites

Bringing death metal wrath from the Twin Cities, MN

Official sponsor of:
Jared Singer Extravaganza Podcast

The Jared Singer Extravaganza is the personal Podcast of Jared Singer, a musician from Minneapolis, MN. The goal of the podcast is to have conversations with "cool people who've done cool shit or are doing cool shit." Guests will range from musicians to athletes, actors, comedians and other fascinating humans.

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